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Our service

By utilising our technical excellence, we can quickly determine the viability, value and position of a new technology.

What we do
  • Market sizing analysis
  • Market Trends
  • Government advice
  • Startup plan and deployment

Be strategic

In depth understanding of underlying forces is a key factor in building a successful market strategy. This is true no matter if you are a young startup set on world domination, an established global enterprise making its next move, a government department planning or a new support mechanism. Utilising our strong technical experience in simulation, we deliver market analysis that quickly get you where you need to be.

Our market analysis reports include:

1. Market size

2. Market trends in clean energy technology

3. Value proposition validation through in-depth energy simulation

4. Market structure and costing assessments

5. Historical view of technology development

6. Barriers to entry and new entrants

Business intelligence

Our business intelligence maps show your potential customers at a glance. Pinpoint hotspots for your technology knowing where are electricity transmission lines, oil and natural pipelines.

Digital prototyping and simulations

We deliver estimations of market penetration via conceptual digital prototyping and simulations. This allows us to provide you with a thorough market assessment that helps you take better decisions.

Policies and regulations

We consistently stay on top of the industry regulatory and government framework in Australia. By assessing the viability, value and position of a new technology, we make sure everything is taken care of for you to success.


We take your intellectual property and confidentiality very seriously. We have strict procedures and systems in place to ensure your information is partitioned within our organisation, thus creating a safe environment for your project to be conducted.

Please contact us to know more about how we ensure the safety of your information.

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Got a project in mind?

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