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Our service

EnergyAE delivers an array of technical services focused on clean tech. We have worked from 1-person startups to government departments. We have experience implementing complex renewable energy systems and managing product redesign in strenuous conditions.

What we do
  • Solar thermal design
  • Solar PV design and simulation
  • Building simulation
  • Industrial energy efficiency

We actively seek new challenges and deliver technical excellence by applying our fundamentals to any problem. We focus on engineering solutions to the clean energy technology sector.

We make a commitment to you. We place our clients first and we never undertake a project deemed to fail. This means reevaluating the need and measurable impact of each project to ensure the end result will worth the fee.

Concept to end-of-life

We build strong relationships with our clients and are considered as extensions of internal engineering teams. Developing a new product, system or process can be daunting. Our involvement with your team will keep them up to date as they will learn from our expertise.

Concept design phase

Any project must be setup for success. You need the best team to develop the critical pathway through the maze of struggles. Our concept design and planning services include the feasibility of solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, building design concepts and commercialisation plan and budgeting, testing and certification planning.

Concept design is a cost-effective way to become informed of your tech before committing to the details. We have simple analysis tools using spreadsheets or simulation templates ready to go to test. We can provide reports, drawings, diagrams, 3D-printed prototypes and concept websites to hash it out.

User-centric design

We build solutions users love. Engineers can easily get wrapped up in the physics but we bring our team back to reality by engaging in user interviews, testing and refinement by Design Thinking.

Detailed design and meticulous documentation

We make a point of specifying each project in details. We refine our concepts by analysing the options, components, materials, methods and control strategies to find solutions that meet all stakeholders' requirements.

We use tools such as Autodesk Simulate to perform computational fluid dynamics, and finite element analysis allowing you to dive into the dynamics of your problem. A transient simulation analysis using TRNSYS allows us to explore the interplays between each component of a system over one second or over a lifetime.

We document in coordination with analysis to ensure continuous communication, analysis and client engagement. As Autodesk Clean Tech Partners, we use Autodesk Product Design, Plant Design, and Building Design Suit to specify each stage of implementation for clear understanding by all.

Predict the future through simulation

Simulation allows you to predict the future through details calculations. We offer renewable energy annual performance calculation, building simulations to find our efficiency, mechanical component simulation and Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Got a project in mind?

Get in touch and tell us about your project.

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