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DR AS 5389 Open for Public Comment

Jeremy Osborne
Our company

Methodology for innovative heating and cooling equipment

AS 5389 (-int) has been revised and is open for public comments. Comments will be closing on the 26 August 2016.

DR AS 5389:2016  Space heating and cooling and ventilation systems – Calculation of energy consumption has been developed with the objective of providing manufacturers, regulators and conformity assessment bodies with a means of evaluating the annual energy performance of solar heating and cooling systems and ventilation systems for domestic and commercial buildings, with or without inclusion of hot water supplied.

The standard provides a test methodology for characterising the performance of:

  • desiccant wheel-based space heating and cooling systems; 
  • solar air heating systems; occupied space and roof ventilator systems; 
  • evaporative cooling systems.

The performance calculation then compares the annual energy use of representative buildings with conventional reference appliances to the same building with the nominated appliances. The performance is determined for a range of climatic conditions using the TRNSYS simulation program. It was released for public comment on 24 June 2016. Download the performance calculation 

For copies of the software files, including weather data, that will be provided with the standard, please contact us.

How to comment

Comments are invited on the technical content, wording and general arrangement of the draft.  The method for submission of comment on this document is to register and fill in an online form via Standards Hub website.  Instructions and examples of comment submission are available on the website.  Please use the following link to comment:

What does this mean for me?

This presents an opportunity for new technologies to heat, cool and ventilate. The method allows for these technologies to fit into government support programs, and helps in communication and marketing efforts to show how products will save money and improve comfort. 

We are an independent group of experts dedicated to supplying knowledge to design, implement, and simulate renewable energy, energy efficiency, and building performance. We are experts in the use of TRNSYS simulation software package for modelling transient thermal systems such as hot water systems and buildings. EnergyAE is the Australian distributor for the software and is authorised to sell the full TRNSYS licences on behalf the developers in Madison Wisconsin . We also provide TRNSYS training, both in-person, and via our online platform TRNSYS GURU

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like assistance in:

  • understanding the impact this standard may have on your business; 
  • calculating the performance of your product in accordance with the standard; 
  • submitting comments to the standards committee. 
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