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How to Register a Residential Solar or Heat Pump Water Heater to the VEU Program

Alastair McDowell

The Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program enables manufacturers to deliver their energy efficient products to consumers at lower prices by awarding a number of VEECs (Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates) to eligible products based on their efficiency.

The program provides incentives to businesses & households to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions (GHG) by carrying out prescribed activities.

EnergyAE specialises in helping manufacturers register their products in the VEU Registry and has been doing so for over 7 years. This article describes the application process, activities, eligibility criteria, TRNSYS modelling, and how EnergyAE can help you get your products registered the scheme.

Application Process

The VEU program is administered by the Essential Services Commission (ESC), who maintain a register of approved products - the VEU Registry. EnergyAE can take care of the full process of having a product registered on the VEU Registry:

  1. Provide EnergyAE with your product documentation (schematics, tank drawings, specifications and test reports)
  2. EnergyAE models your system using TRNSYS software according to AS/NZS 4234:2021
  3. EnergyAE submits your application to VEU Registry
  4. Install your product
  5. Claim VEECs via an Accredited Person (AP).
Eligible Activities

These activities are  detailed in the VEU Specifications. The available scenarios for water heaters are:

  • Activity 1C: Install electric boosted solar water heater, replacing electric water heater
  • Activity 1F: Install gas boosted solar water heater, replacing electric water heater
  • Activity 3B: Install gas boosted solar water heater, replacing gas water heater
  • Activity 1D: Install heat pump water heater, replacing electric water heater
TRNSYS Modelling

Every product must be modelled using TRNSYS v15 software. TRNSYS software can be purchased from EnergyAE, email us to get a quote

Template TRNSYS deck files are provided by the Clean Energy Regulator (CER). The same TRNSYS deck files are applicable for both the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) for claiming STCs as for the VEU program for claiming VEECs. 

TRNSYS modelling simulates a product over a one-year period in two climate zones covering all of Victoria: zone 4 and zone 5, defined in AS/NZS 4234. Simulation results must show that products have at least 60% energy savings (relative to the reference water heater), AND a minimum delivery temperature of at least 45 degrees Celsius in all climate zones to be eligible in a particular climate zone.

Simulation results also output the annual energy used by the water heater, which is separated into two categories; Bs (supplementary heating), and Be (auxiliary energy usage).

 Bs and Be values to be extracted from TRNSYS modelling output files (.OUT) and recorded in the application forms.

  • Bs = Annual purchased energy used for supplementary heating (GJ/a) i.e. electric element, gas boosting, heat pump compressor
  • Be= Annual purchased electrical energy used by auxiliary equipment (GJ/a) i.e. pump, fan, controls, stand-by energy

Bs and Be values are sourced from the .OUT files under the following output table headings by product type:

Template Type Bs Be
Gas boosted solar Gas Elec
Electric boosted solar aux auxp
Integral heat pump Elec_tot 0
Stand-alone heat pump elec 0
Gas boosted thermosyphon Gas Elec
Electric boosted thermosyphon aux 0

VEU provides necessary resources for making an application, including:

  • Product Application Guide
  • Calculation Method
  • Product Application forms
Certificate Prices

Market dynamics dictate the current price of energy certificates. Have a look at Demand Manager to see the current prices of VEECs and other energy efficiency certificates.

Product Nominations

As there may be a long queue of products to be assessed at any given point in time, there is a nomination system to help prioritise the products most likely to be installed under the program. An Accredited Person (AP) for a particular program activity can submit a product nomination for products they intend to install as part of that activity.

Nominations can be made through your VEU account. When an AP submits a product application related to an activity that they are approved to undertake, the product is automatically nominated.

Our Services

EnergyAE specialises in helping manufacturers to register their product onto the VEU Registry efficiently. We provide the following VEU related services:

  • Eligibility check
  • TRNSYS modelling
  • Preparation of application documents
  • Application via the VEU Registry
  • Training in TRNSYS modelling and VEU Registration

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About EnergyAE

EnergyAE is an Australia & NZ engineering consultancy providing engineering & energy analysis services in the solar and heat pump water heater industry. EnergyAE has extensive experience assisting manufacturers to apply for government incentive programs to be eligible for STCs and VEECs. EnergyAE has helped VIC and NSW government to develop the new Commercial & Industrial HPWH activities.

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